A Guide to Biker Patches

Biker patches make it easy for an outsider to tell what club a biker belongs to. The design of a patch can show achievement and rank in a club, they do more than show gang affiliation.

Different Patch Pieces.

One-piece patches are generally used for motorcycle associations; while the two-piece patch means there is some kind of club affiliation. However, this is not always the case, this is the case for the outlaw motorcycle club.

The American Motorcycle Association does not recognize outlaw clubs. Patch designs are different for each club. That being said, most designs start with a crescent shapes at the top and bottom. This type of design is called a rocker. It should be understood that not all three-piece patches belong to outlaw bikers.

Frequently Used Patch Designs.

Outlaw bikers are said to be the only 1% of bikers that disobey the law, this is why outlaw bikers wear a 1% patch. The Ace of Spades patch is a symbol showing the biker is always willing to fight for their beliefs. You can tell where biker is from by the flag patch they are wearing.

Some clubs use leather patches to show a biker's rank in the club. Club ranks are much like any organization with a president and a vice president along with other cabinet members.

More types of Patches.

Meanings of patches vary by club; many clubs have a patch with wings. Many different design aspects are used with the wings and these generally depict crimes or acts that a biker has committed.

The Meaning of the 13 Patch.

Number patches can carry a variety of meanings. Numbers can be used in place of letters, this is the case for the number 13, it generally represents the letter M. But the letter M carries many different meaning. Marijuana, methamphetamine and motorcycle are common meanings of the letter M when it is placed on a patch. However, club members are generally the only ones that know the true meaning of the letters represented on their patches. To learn more about biker patches, visit http://www.reference.com/browse/biker+patch?s=t.

Other Club Patches.

The patch that is worn by bikers who have killed someone, is known as the "Men of Mayhem" patch. Rally badges are given to members of a club who attend certain rallies around the country.

Skull and crossbones represent fights and usually stand for murder. Like all patches the skull and crossbones can carry other meanings, such as crimes committed on behalf of the club.

Different meanings can come from the same patch, this is all depending on what club is wearing the patch. All patches stand for something and the symbolism represents the biker or club that is sporting the patch. Please check out leatherpatch.com if you have questions.